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Sires Votes to Protect Medicare and the Middle Class

Mar 29, 2012
Press Release

For Immediate Release                                                           Contact: Erica Daughtrey

March 29, 2012                                                                       201-222-2828



Washington, D.C- Today, Congressman Sires voted against the Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Resolution (H.Con.Res. 112) submitted by Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) because of its misplaced priorities.  In particular, the Republican budget would end the Medicare guarantee and shift costs to seniors while providing billions in tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, Big Oil and special interests.

“In addition to drastic cuts to domestic programs that support our most vulnerable citizens, the Republican’s budget ends Medicare as we know it by fundamentally transforming Medicare from a guaranteed benefit program into a privatized voucher program.  It ensures that seniors pay more for health care because the vouchers they receive will not grow as quickly as health care costs,” expressed Congressman Sires.

Congressman Sires did support the Democratic alternative budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2013.  Although it failed to pass the House of Representatives, this proposal would preserve the Medicare guarantee, as well as maintain provisions that reduce seniors’ health costs, including closing the donut hole for prescription drugs and the new free preventive care benefit under Medicare, and protect Medicaid.  It also would make permanent tax cuts for the middle class and call for the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share of income taxes, as well as repeal tax cuts for Big Oil and tax loopholes for corporations that are costing American jobs.

“The Democratic proposal would protect the middle class and seniors access to health care.  Unfortunately, the budget plan passed by the Republicans is a disaster for America’s seniors, middle class, families, and workers,” stated Congressman Sires.