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Sires Statement on Solution to Re-Open the Government and Avoid Default

Oct 17, 2013
Press Release

For Immediate Release                                                           Contact: Erica Daughtrey

October 17, 2013                                                                        201-309-0301

Sires Statement on Solution to Re-Open the Government and Avoid Default

(Washington, D.C.)- Congressman Sires issued the following statement regarding the passage of legislation to re-open the government and raise the debt ceiling:

“I am relieved that Congress has finally broken through the gridlock that initiated the government shutdown.  Although 16 days is far too long for this stalemate to have occurred, thousands of American families woke up today knowing that not only can they pay their bills, but the United States of America can continue paying its bills.

While this shutdown and last minute decision to raise the debt ceiling has been destructive, I am hopeful that this debate will serve as a valuable lesson to my colleagues in Congress- shutting down the government is not only reckless for our economy, but it has real consequences for real people.

I look forward to the bipartisan budget conference, established under this legislation, to draft a responsible approach to rein in wasteful government spending while continuing to grow our economy rather than continuing to govern from crisis to crisis.”