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Reps. Sires and Torres Support President Biden’s Plan to Address Root Causes of Migration from Central America

Jan 25, 2021
Press Release

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, Congressman Albio Sires (D-NJ) and Congresswoman Norma J. Torres (D-CA) sent a letter to President Biden, expressing their commitment to working with his administration to implement its plan to build security and prosperity in partnership with the people of Central America. The letter highlights how the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricanes Eta and Iota have exacerbated the conditions of poverty, insecurity, and impunity that are driving migration to the U.S. The members urge the Biden administration to enact a robust recovery plan and aggressively combat corruption to ensure that U.S. assistance reaches those who need it most:

“President Biden enters the White House with more experience in Central America than any president in recent memory,” Rep. Sires said. “He understands the conditions of desperation that are driving Hondurans, Guatemalans, and Salvadorans to make the dangerous journey north to the United States and he has developed a plan that tackles these challenges head on. Unfortunately, he will have a lot of work to do after four years in which Donald Trump arbitrarily suspended vital assistance to the region, emboldened corrupt officials, and imposed draconian immigration policies that did nothing to address the push factors driving people to flee their homes. Now that we have real leadership in the White House, I am eager to work with the new administration and with my good friend, Congresswoman Torres, who has been an invaluable advocate in the fight against corruption and a leading voice in Congress for strengthening the rule of law in the Northern Triangle.”

“The United States has a key role to play in fighting corruption and promoting stability in Central America,” Rep. Torres said. “After four years of deference to strongmen by the previous administration, we need the Biden Administration to set a new tone that unequivocally embraces the rule of law. That starts by holding corrupt actors accountable through tools like the Magnitsky Act. It also means ensuring all aid provided in the wake of Hurricanes Eta and Iota and COVID relief reaches the people who need it – not diverted by corrupt officials in a ploy to line their own pockets. I’m proud to partner with Representative Sires to help the new Administration find an approach to the region that saves lives, improves livelihoods, and addresses the long-term challenges that have led to dangerous migration patterns over the course of decades.”

The full text of the letter can be found here.