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Congressman Sires’ Statement on President’s Negligent Rollback of Climate Policies

Mar 28, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Sires released the following statement regarding President Trump’s executive actions intended to rollback climate policies:

“President Trump’s executive order unravels years of work aimed at reducing the negative impacts of climate change in order to provide a better environment for future generations. The President has directed the Environmental Protection Agency to withdraw from the Clean Power Plan in order to restore thousands of jobs lost in the coal industry. Unfortunately, President Trump’s claims that his actions will reinvigorate hiring in the coal industry are misguided, as economists have proven that cheap natural gas and automation are causing the coal industry’s demise- not federal regulations.

The directive to get rid of the social cost of carbon, a tool used to balance environmental and economic costs and benefits when devising federal rulemakings, is concerning. Also problematic is the order to eliminate the requirement that federal agencies consider climate change when issuing environmental permits. Rather than setting an example for businesses, states, and other countries to emulate, this executive order will signal that United States government does not consider the health of our environment and future generations when conducting federal action.”