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5/25/2007 - Sires Celebrates Veteran's Day By Voting To Strengthen Healthcare And Benefits

May 24, 2007
Press Release
The House approves several bills that honor our veterans

For Immediate Release                                                                            Contact: Olga Alvarez
May 25, 2007          
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(Washington, D.C.) - Congressman Albio Sires voted with a bipartisan majority for legislation that will improve benefits and services for our veterans.  The legislation addresses new concerns for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, like updating healthcare and screening options.

"Our brave men and women that have put their lives on the line to defend our country deserve the best healthcare.  They also need to know that they will be eligible in the future, if health problems do not immediately surface," said Congressman Sires. "These bills address eligibility as well as quality of life, while ensuring we correct past mistakes."

The House of Representatives passed the following bills on May 23rd:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury/Rural Veterans Outreach (H.R. 2199): Ensures that our veterans are properly screened for Traumatic Brain Injury and receive the appropriate treatment. Expands VA resources to provide rural communities with "mobile vet centers" for mental health services and benefits outreach.

  • Returning Service Member VA Healthcare Insurance Act (H.R. 612): Helps ensure soldiers with mental health conditions not immediately diagnosed are treated by making them eligible for health care for five years after leaving active duty.

  • Veterans Outreach Improvement Act (H.R. 67): Allows the VA to partner with state and local governments to reach out to veterans and their families to ensure they receive the benefits they have earned.

  • Early Access to Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Benefits Act (H.R. 2239): Extends eligibility for rehabilitation benefits from the Veterans' Affairs Department.

  • Chiropractic Care Available to All Veterans Act (H.R. 1470): Requires that chiropractic care and services be provided to veterans at all Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers.
"The men and women who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan face new challenges.    We are fighting in Congress to increase veteran's healthcare and benefits programs by almost $12 billion. We are doing everything we can so that our veterans receive the care they need when they return home and remain healthy," said Congressman Sires.