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Floor Statements

Jun 27, 2007 Floor Statement

Madam Speaker,

For the last seven years Vice President Cheney has perfected the art of obstructing meaningful oversight and avoiding any accountability to the American people.  But who would have ever thought that such defiance would lead the Vice President to the absurd claim that he is not a member of the Executive Branch?

Jun 25, 2007 Floor Statement

Thank you Mr. Chairman and thank you Mr. Weiner for offering this amendment.

May 21, 2007 Floor Statement

Madam Speaker,

Over the first four months of this year the new Democratic-led House approved key legislation that would move us in a new direction and allow us to better defend our nation and strengthen our military.  Unfortunately, time and time again, the President has either vetoed our efforts, or has threatened a veto. 

May 14, 2007 Floor Statement

Mr. Speaker,

Our most important job as lawmakers is to ensure the safety of the American people.  Our local law enforcement officers serve communities across this nation as the first line of defense against crime.  The number of police on our streets matters for the security of every city.  We have a responsibility to ensure these officers are in place.

May 1, 2007 Floor Statement

Madam Speaker,

Four years ago yesterday President Bush sent a strong message to the American people, to our troops, and to the world that our mission in Iraq was accomplished.

Apr 24, 2007 Floor Statement

Madam Speaker,

This week is "Covered the Uninsured Week."  This year's focus centers on expanding health care coverage for America's children.  For six years, President Bush and the Republican Congresses ignored our nation's health care crisis.  As a result, the number of uninsured increased by 7 million to 47 million Americans.  9 million of them are children.

Apr 17, 2007 Floor Statement

Madam Speaker,

Last week the Senate followed our lead and passed legislation to advance potentially life-saving stem cell research.  The legislation now heads to President Bush's desk, where he has already threatened a veto.  

Mar 12, 2007 Floor Statement

Madam Speaker,

Two weeks ago the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released its preliminary analysis of the President's fiscal year 2008 budget and found that the administration will fall short of its claim of balancing the federal budget by 2012, without raising taxes. 

Feb 7, 2007 Floor Statement

Madam Speaker,

I rise today to share my thoughts on the Department of Housing and Urban Development Fiscal Year 2008 budget request.  In my opinion, it is disgraceful.  This budget request cuts vital housing assistance programs leaving low-income families, elderly, and disabled out in the cold.