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Weiner/Sires Amendment to Department of Interior Appropriations

Jun 25, 2007
Floor Statement

Thank you Mr. Chairman and thank you Mr. Weiner for offering this amendment.

Let me start my remarks by talking a little bit about the attacks of 9-11.  I was the Mayor and a resident of West New York, New Jersey on September 11th.  From my apartment I could see the Twin Towers burning.  I will forever have that vision etched in my mind.  It was a symbolic blow to the nation's spirit.  But we have recovered our spirit.  Today America stands again, proud and strong. 

An important part of our recovery is due to the fact that we were able to get back to work.  In short we got back to our lives.  As the Secretary of the Interior, Ms. Norton, said on September 12, 2001 while standing at the Hoover Dam, "Even though atrocities such as those of September 11 can affect us, they cannot close us down."

That is why I am cosponsoring this amendment.  Today, the only National Park that remains closed from 9-11 is the crown of the Statute of Liberty.  I hope that this amendment will open up the crown for visitors once again.  Yes it is symbolic, but symbols are important.  Please support this amendment. 

Thank you Mr. Chairman.  I yield back the remainder of my time.