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Vice President Cannot Have it Both Ways When It Comes to Him Being a Member of the Executive Branch

Jun 27, 2007
Floor Statement

Madam Speaker,

For the last seven years Vice President Cheney has perfected the art of obstructing meaningful oversight and avoiding any accountability to the American people.  But who would have ever thought that such defiance would lead the Vice President to the absurd claim that he is not a member of the Executive Branch?

That's right.  Cheney does not want to play by the established rules of safeguarding classified national information.  So he is now saying that he is not actually a member of the Executive Branch.  So, if the Vice President is not a member of the Executive Branch, shouldn't he be forced to turn over information Congressional Democrats requested regarding his secret energy task force?  After all, Cheney used executive privilege as his excuse for his secrecy.

Also, why should the Office of the Vice President receive federal funding through the bill that funds the Executive Branch?  That bill is actually on the House floor today, and House Democrats will offer an amendment to remove funding for the Vice President's office from this bill.  House Democrats are not going to support the Vice President's latest attempt to avoid any accountability to the American people.