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The United Nations, the Palestinian Authority and Israel

Sep 23, 2011
Floor Statement

Mister Speaker,

Palestinian Authority President Abbas has announced that this Friday he will formally seek statehood recognition at the United Nations.  While there are obstacles to achieving a lasting and peaceful two-state solution, the PA's attempt to seek recognition at the UN demonstrates that they are not truly interested in achieving peace. 

Such a unilateral approach, will not lead to peace. This action violates the letter and spirit of the Oslo accords and deals a significant blow to future negotiations.  Recognizing a Palestinian state would also give legitimacy to Hamas given that the terrorist group currently is in control of the Gaza Strip- an area the PA claims for its state.

By granting recognition of a state, the international community will reward Hamas for its terrorist actions, rather than condemn them.  Furthermore, this reckless action at the UN could lead to widespread violence on the ground. The only way to achieve a two-state solution is through direct negotiations leading to a peace treaty fully accepted by both governments and by both peoples.  A vote on a unilateral UN resolution will likely set prospects for peace in the region back years.

The United States needs to stand strong with Israel, and I am pleased that President Obama has called the Palestinian efforts at the UN a "mistake" and has stated that the United States will veto this resolution should it be brought before the Security Council.

We need a unified voice from the United States and our allies showing that this action is not the way to achieve peace and that if such action is taken, there will be consequences.