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The United Nations Human Rights Council

Jul 21, 2010
Floor Statement

Mr. Speaker,

I am outraged by the persistent failure of the United Nations Human Rights Council to fulfill its responsibilities to promote and protect human rights.  The U-N Human Rights Council has consistently targeted Israel and recently displayed a flagrant disregard for a strong human rights agenda with the election of the Cuban Ambassador as Vice President of the Council.

The State Department’s 2009 report on human rights describes Cuba as a totalitarian state that continues to deny its citizens their basic human rights and commits numerous and serious abuses.  It is appalling that a country with such a poor human rights record has been elected as a leader of a body created to protect and promote universal human rights.

While these election results are absurd, they are reflective of the larger problem – the overall state of the U-N Human Rights Council.  The Council doesn’t need to improve its record on protecting human rights, it needs to reverse its record entirely.  If the Council continues to ignore its own members’ egregious human rights records and persists in its Anti-Israel campaign, then maybe the United States should move its funds and its participation elsewhere.

I yield back.