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Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy

Dec 18, 2012
Floor Statement

Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy

Mr. Speaker, today we mourn as a nation with Newtown, Connecticut and the Sandy Hook Elementary community. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this horrendous tragedy and their families. 

On Friday, 27 people, including children, had their futures stolen from them as a result of another senseless act of violence. My heart breaks for their loved ones and the community of Newtown.

Unfortunately, this is the fourth mass shooting that our nation has endured in as many years.This tragedy in particular hits home for the millions of parents across America because the victims were elementary school kids—children who are expected to be in a safe and secure environment.

We must begin to have a meaningful discussion not only about gun control, but about the state of security in our schools, as well as the access to mental health care services.While one bill won’t end all evil actions, Congress must begin to work together to improve the safety of our citizens.

I’d like to conclude with honoring our nation’s teachers—those individuals who day-in and day-out provide and nurture our children, and in this circumstance gave their lives.