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Republican Continuing Resolution and Job Loss

Mar 2, 2011
Floor Statement

Mr. Speaker,

Republicans have been in charge for 8 weeks and this chamber has taken 154 votes--yet we still see no signs of job creation or a jobs plan.  With 14 million Americans still looking for work, I ask my colleagues on the other side: where are the jobs? Where is the plan?

In this House we have talked about repealing health care reform and “instructing” committees, but nothing on the jobs front.  And now as we approach the deadline for government funding and the looming threat of a crippling government shutdown, House Republicans are focusing on irresponsible budget plans that actually threaten job creation. 

In fact, the Republican’s proposed long-term C-R not only fails to create jobs or spur the economy- it would actually cause more job losses and depress economic growth. Economists have discovered that their plan would destroy around 700,000 jobs through 2012.

Mr. Speaker, as the impending funding deadline approaches, my Republican colleagues should negotiate in good faith and fund the government in ways that support job creation and economic growth- not to cause greater job loss and economic damage.

I yield back.