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Record Gas Prices Are a Result of an Energy Policy Written by and for Big Oil

Sep 9, 2008
Floor Statement

Mr. Speaker,

For eight years now Washington Republicans have allowed Big Oil to run our nation’s energy policy.  The result, record profits for Big Oil and record gas prices at the pump for consumers.  All summer long, this Democratic Congress offered real solutions to provide drivers some relief.  We proposed legislation to curb excessive speculation, which would have reduced oil prices by $20 to $30dollars a barrel.  House Republicans said no.

We proposed legislation to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.  When the president’s father took this action back in 1991 the price of oil immediately dropped $8 dollars a barrel.  But, again, House Republicans said no.  And we also proposed legislation that forced Big Oil to begin drilling on the 68 million acres of land they already have leases for.  House Republicans once again said no.

Mr. Speaker, the record gas prices of the last year are a direct result of failed Republican policies.  It’s time they face the facts so that we can work in a bipartisan fashion to provide some real relief at the pump.