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Post Office Closures

Nov 16, 2011
Floor Statement

Madam Speaker,

I rise today to express my deep concern about the closure of post offices across this country.  For decades the post office has sustained and created American jobs in every corner of the country.  Closing these vital institutions will not only hurt our economy but will devastate American families who rely on these skilled jobs.

The closing of thousands of Post Office will adversely affect minorities who live in low-income urban neighborhoods, the elderly who need the post office that is within walking distance to send letters to their families, and small business owners who use the U-S Postal Service as a way to conduct business.  Additionally, rural communities, those hardest hit by the economic downturn, will see the greatest number of closures, causing their communities to further suffer.

It has been reported that if 10,000 of the smallest post offices were closed the Postal Service would only save 1% of its total yearly budget.  Furthermore, U-S-P-S branch closings would mean that approximately 5,000 postal employees will lose their jobs. If we are serious about economic recovery we must save post offices that provide jobs to thousands of Americans and make the necessary reforms to strengthen the postal service.

I yield back.