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Opposing Republican Continuing Resolution Spending Cuts

Feb 17, 2011
Floor Statement

Mr. Speaker,

I rise today to speak out against the Republicans’ dangerous spending cuts.  Our commitment to reducing our deficit must not come at the expense of our nation’s future and the security of our communities.  The Republican spending bill is irresponsible and reckless and their proposal would eliminate jobs at a time when we need to be creating them. 

It would have cut funding for 1,300 police officers through the COPS hiring program and eliminate 2,400 jobs for firefighters through SAFER grants.  By cutting transportation funding, this bill eliminates 3,427 jobs in New Jersey alone.  It rescinds $2.5 billion for high-speed rail and makes deep cuts to the Land and Water Conservation fund, which protects outdoor recreational spaces.  Additionally, this bill dramatically cuts millions from housing programs that help families pay their rent.

We have had 101 votes in the House, and not one Republican proposal has created a single job.  Now this spending measure threatens to make matters worse.

I urge my colleagues to oppose these short-sighted cuts.

I yield back.