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Opposing Efforts to Repeal Health Care Reform

Jan 20, 2011
Floor Statement

Madame Speaker,

Yesterday was an unfortunate day in this chamber, the majority party voted to bring our nation back to a system where insurance companies’ needs are placed before those of middle class Americans.  The truth is that millions of Americans are already benefitting from health care reform.

Insurers are no longer allowed to discriminate against children and others who are sick; small businesses are receiving billions of dollars in tax credits; and seniors are saving money on prescription drugs and receiving fee preventive care through Medicare, including 72,000 seniors in my District alone. 

If repealed, these benefits would be removed, and the impact on my District would be devastating.  The number of uninsured in my District would increase by 104,000 people; 326,000 residents would yet again be vulnerable to insurers’ devious practices, such as lifetime limits and rescission; And insurers could once more deny coverage for up to 294,000 individuals in my District, including up to 35,000 children, with a pre-existing condition.

Madame Speaker, during this fragile time in our economic recovery, we must prioritize job creation as opposed to focusing on health care reform repeal, which will revoke enhanced benefits for already struggling families.

I yield back.