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No Jobs Plan and Assault on Middle Class Homeowners

Mar 9, 2011
Floor Statement

Mr.  Speaker,

The Republicans have had control of this chamber for 10 weeks now and we have taken 164 recorded votes-- yet they still have no plan to create jobs and spur economic growth.  Instead of tackling unemployment, my Republican colleagues have now turned their efforts towards eliminating vital programs that are helping families deal with the fall out of the mortgage crisis.

Seven million families have lost their homes with another three million foreclosures expected through 2012.  And what is the Republican’s  response to this crisis?  They want to terminate programs designed to help  homeowners keep their houses and avoid foreclosures.  This week they will bring a bill to the floor that will abolish a program that makes temporary loans to unemployed homeowners to help cover mortgage payments until they can find a job.

Mr. Speaker, It is bad enough that they have no plan in sight to get Americans back to work, but to actually put their energy towards ending programs that are helping the unemployed during difficult times is unacceptable.

I urge my colleagues to stop cutting programs that will keep families in their homes and focus on legislation that will create jobs and move our economy forward.

I yield back.