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Negative Effects of Budget Cuts on Food Safety and Job Creation

Mar 15, 2011
Floor Statement

Mr. Speaker,

As we continue to make our way through the budget process, we must ensure that all funding reductions we make are done so in a responsible manner.  While I strongly agree that we need to get our deficit under control, we cannot do it in a way that undermines public safety and job creation.

For example, the Republican long-term C-R would cut $88 million in funding from the Food Safety and Inspection Service. This little known cut would force food safety inspectors off of the job for over 30 days, resulting in the shutdowns of plants across the nation.  The U-S-D-A has estimated that such cuts would result in $11 billion in lost productivity. 

Additionally, meat and poultry production is supposed to grow over the next year- if we decrease funding for food safety there will be fewer inspectors to examine our food and make sure it is acceptable for consumption.

Mr. Speaker, this is just one example of how we need to dissect each “cut” and the impact it would have in the real world.  I hope this chamber can come together to make sensible decisions when it comes to reducing our deficit.