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Majority's Plan to End Medicare and Gut Medicaid

Jun 15, 2011
Floor Statement

Mr. Speaker, the more we learn about the true impact of the majority's plan to end Medicare and gut the Medicaid program- the more there is to dislike.

For starters, under their plan, seniors will pay nearly $6,000 more in annual out-of-pocket costs for health care services.

Current seniors will see higher costs on prescription drugs as a result of re-opening the donut hole, as well as a spike in the price of preventative care because free annual wellness visits will be eliminated.

Individuals who are now 54 years of age and younger, including 540,000 people in my District, will be denied access to Medicare's guaranteed benefits.

Additionally, as the majority's budget slashes Medicaid funding by $800 billion over ten years and converts the program into block grants, nearly 60 million Americans that rely on Medicaid for health coverage will be in jeopardy of losing their health care.

For my District in particular, their plan will impair the health care of 21,000 dual eligible seniors who rely on Medicaid to supplement their Medicare coverage and 82,000 children who receive coverage under Medicaid.

Mr. Speaker, given the current economic climate, now is not the time to be cutting valuable services to our most vulnerable citizens.