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Majority's No Jobs Agenda

Jul 13, 2011
Floor Statement

Mr. Speaker,

We are now in week number twenty seven of the Republican's No-Jobs Agenda.  It is apparent that after last week's disappointing job's report that job growth should be our number one priority, but my colleagues across the aisle seem to have not received the message.

Since January not one single bill focused on job creation has come to the floor, instead the majority has chosen to focus on legislation that would roll back energy efficiency standards, clean water protections, and health care improvements.  Now, it seems the majority is threatening to hold the economy hostage.  They are refusing to raise the debt ceiling unless we continue providing tax breaks for Big Oil and companies that ship jobs overseas.

Instead of focusing on an agenda that balances the budget on the backs of America's middle class and seniors, this Congress needs to focus on a plan that will put American's back to work.  My Democratic colleagues and I launched an ambitious "Make It in America" agenda that will rebuild our manufacturing base, create jobs, and position us for long-term economic competition.

Mr. Speaker, the millions of unemployed American's need us to work together to come up with a viable solution to grow jobs and the economy.