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Majority Risking Tax Cuts

Dec 14, 2011
Floor Statement

Mister Speaker,

Yesterday the majority unwisely gambled with the economic security of the middle class. They voted on legislation that was designed to fail - fully knowing that it will be dead-on-arrival in the Senate and vetoed by the President.  By tying the extension of the payroll tax cut to controversial and unrelated policies, the majority is playing a dangerous game that could result in tax hikes for 160 million workers.  Moreover, by attaching the Medicare "doc fix" to the same divisive policy, they have endangered seniors' access to their doctors.

We must support a clean extension of the payroll tax holiday and the unemployment insurance that is not paid for through increased health care costs for seniors or at the expense of our environment and public health. If we fail to pass a clean extension of the payroll tax holiday or unemployed benefits, the average American family will lose a tax break worth $1,000 and our economy will lose $30 billion as the unemployed will lose much needed assistance.

Now is not the time to play risky games with our economy- we must pass a clean extension of the payroll tax cut and continue assistance for the unemployed.

I yield back.