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Jobs Recovery

Dec 9, 2009
Floor Statement

Madam Speaker,


Today Congress is faced with one of the greatest economic challenges of our time; high unemployment rates- a challenge that we must be determined to meet. While current unemployment numbers are still too high, the continued decline of job losses is a promising sign of economic recovery that we must build on.


We have already taken bold steps to lift our nation out of a recession.  Since January, we have: stabilized the financial system; revived lending to small businesses; prevented home foreclosures; cut taxes for the middle class; extended unemployment insurance; and created and saved more than a million jobs.


We must now build on this progress for continued job growth. Yesterday, the President outlined a frame of action to produce the greatest number of jobs while generating the greatest value for our economy.  His top priorities include: helping small businesses grow and hire new staff; additional investments in our roads, bridges, and infrastructure to create shovel-ready jobs; and increased investments in clean energy to spawn more green-jobs.


In order to face our unemployment crisis head-on, Congress must follow the President’s lead by passing a comprehensive jobs recovery package.


I yield back.