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Jobs Now

Dec 16, 2009
Floor Statement

Madam Speaker,


While this House has taken great strides to improve our economy, our journey towards economic recovery will not be complete until a robust jobs package is passed.  The nearly half a million unemployed New Jerseyans and over 15 million unemployed Americans simply cannot wait-- they need jobs now and are relying on us to deliver.


In order to put Americans back to work and lay the groundwork for future growth, we must build on the investments in job creation we have already made.  Specifically investments in infrastructure and clean energy-- jobs to repair existing roads and bridges; jobs to improve public transportation and water infrastructure; and jobs in alternative energy initiatives, including solar and wind.


In addition to job creation, we must also ensure that the unemployed can make ends meet while searching for jobs by continuing the extension of unemployment benefits and helping them maintain health care coverage by extending COBRA subsidies that are set to expire.


Madam Speaker, our work is not done, we need to pass a bill that will generate jobs -- jobs --  and even more jobs-- not in a month or two, but now.


I yield back.