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House Oversight of Bush Administration is Leading to Results in the U.S. Attorneys Scandal

Mar 26, 2007
Floor Statement

Madam Speaker,

They say when you have bad news get it out on Friday night.  That's exactly what happened last Friday when the Justice Department released documents indicating that Attorney General Gonzales led a meeting with top aides to discuss the firing of U.S. attorneys.  This document completely contradicts the Attorney General's own statement that he did not participate in any discussions and only had cursory knowledge of the U.S Attorney dismissals.

The Attorney General's contradictions were followed yesterday by a Justice Department official taking the Fifth and refusing to testify.  This is unacceptable, particularly after Gonzales himself said that all Justice Department officials would be made available to Congress.

The administration needs to make Justice Department and White House officials available to Congress so that we can continue to provide oversight.  This Congress will continue to ask tough questions so that we can ensure U.S. Attorneys are free from political pressure.