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Congressman Albio Sires

Representing the 8th District of New Jersey

Democrats Have a Strong Record of Trying To Lower Our Nation's Gas Prices

Jun 4, 2008
Floor Statement

Madam Speaker,

The record price of gasoline is pinching the wallets of every American.  It seems every day the price hits another record.  Since day one, this Democratic House has been committed to lowering prices at the pump and adopting a smarter energy future.

Thanks to a Democratic Congress, President Bush finally agreed to temporarily suspend sending oil to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a move that will instantly lower gas prices by nearly about a quarter when it goes into effect at the end of this month.

Thanks to this Democratic Congress, the Federal Trade Commission recently agreed to implement the market manipulation authority that it was given in an energy law that we passed last year.  This agreement should ensure that the U.S. petroleum market is free from price or supply manipulation. 

Madam  Speaker, the Bush administration would have never acted on these two issues had it not been for the persistence of this Democratic Congress.  We will continue to pressure both the administration and Congressional Republicans to join us in our efforts to lower gas prices.