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Condemning Castro’s Anti-Semitic Statement Regarding Israel

Jun 17, 2010
Floor Statement

Mr. Speaker,

I rise today to express my outrage at Fidel Castro’s recent anti-Israel comments.  In response to Israel’s interception of the flotilla in May, Fidel Castro published a statement in which he absurdly asserts that Israelis would like to send Palestinians to be cremated – as the Nazis did to the Jews.  Castro’s comments are outrageous and cruel.

He ignorantly disregards the horror of the Holocaust and the suffering of the Jewish community.  To suggest the Israel would consider a Nazi-inspired genocide of the Palestinians is inexcusably malicious.  This propaganda was not only published by the Cuban regime, but then widely distributed.  His offensive comments clearly portray the prejudice and anti-Semitic position of the Cuban regime.  Castro’s words cannot shame or erase the democratic tradition in Israel and the strong relationship Israel shares with the United States.   

I ask my colleagues to continue to work with Israel towards a peaceful solution for the Israeli and Palestinian people.  And I encourage my colleagues to view Castro’s comments for what they are – the dangerous scheme of a brutal dictator – designed to hurt the people of Israel and obstruct the peace process. 

I yield back.