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Benefits of American Jobs Act

Oct 5, 2011
Floor Statement

Mr. Speaker,

The American Jobs Act, proposed by President Obama, is a clear path forward to rebuilding America by putting our country back to work, helping small businesses succeed, and providing tax relief for workers.  Specifically, this plan will put teachers, firefighters, police and first responders to work by creating jobs through investments in America's schools and infrastructure.  It will also provide tax cuts that put money in the pockets of American workers and employers so that they can grow and add jobs, as well as offer job training incentives to hire returning veterans and help the unemployed with pathways back to work.

The most critical element of the Jobs Act is that it requires immediate action to create American jobs and rebuild our economy now.  In conjunction with our Make It In America agenda, the Jobs Act will provide the long-term tools for rebuilding the American manufacturing base and creating well-paying jobs into the future. The Jobs Act invests in our future and assists struggling Americans now- all without adding a dime to the deficit.

Mr. Speaker, our number one priority needs to be job creation and the American Jobs Act is the first step in this effort.

I yield back.