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Attempts to Distract Attention From the Majority's Medicare Plan

Jun 1, 2011
Floor Statement

Mr. Speaker,

Last night we saw once again a great display of political theater.  My friends across the aisle scheduled a vote on raising the nation's debt limit, knowing that it would fail.  The vote occurred specifically after the stock market closed because they knew the harsh effect that this game could have on the market.  This was simply an effort to distract the public away from their disastrous attempt to end Medicare as we know it.

Under their plan, from day one, seniors will see an increase in the costs of prescription drugs and preventive health care.  They no longer want to discuss the vote that they took to end Medicare and force seniors to pay more for less.  We all agree that smart, responsible budget cuts are needed. That is why Democrats and Republicans from the House, the Senate and the administration are working together on a plan.

We should allow for the negotiators to continue their work in good faith with open discussions on the future of our economy and how to decrease our deficit.  

Mr. Speaker, now is not the time to play petty games with the American public, we must focus on creating jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs.

I yield back.