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Underground Railroad Stops in New Jersey

Mar 3, 2015
Did You Know?

Did you know some of the most important stops on the Underground Railroad were in New Jersey? One of the first stops for freedom seekers was the home of the Goodwin Sisters in Salem, NJ. Abigail and Elizabeth Goodwin began their work on the Underground Railroad in 1855 when Samuel Nixon and others arrived on their doorstep seeking shelter for the night. Both Sisters were also founding members of the Female Benevolent Society of Salem, NJ, and were integral to the women’s rights movement in NJ. One of the last stops on the way to New York City was the Hilton-Holden House located at 79 Clifton Place. It is the last known remaining station in Jersey City and is named after the abolitionist, banker, and amateur astronomer David Holden who resided there.  See the map below to discover other Underground Railroad sites in New Jersey and be sure to visit the NJ Historical Commission’s publication on the Underground Railroad entitled “Steal Away, Steal Away…”